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As with the dock icons, I like it how it has been for awhile now, and am not keen to see it change. I don't know if it could be optional. Fortunately I don't encounter many problems with the 2000 build (before the icon change!), so I can probably just stick with it, but it would be nice to be able to keep up with the fixes and keep the old look. Still nice to see Cog being worked on tho.


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Hi guys, nice work all round. I'm personally in favour of either keeping the old icons or updating them with herrie's. Changing to a different style completely doesn't appeal to me - I updated to the first build with changed icons, and didn't like it - I'm probably just set in my ways, but it didn't look like Cog any more. I wussed out and went back to the previous version smile
Maybe if we end up with more than one complete set of icons, it could be a configurable option to keep everyone happy? I hope the ship's wheel comes back tho, either way smile


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oh wow, updates! great news, thanks, will give it a go! i'm on 32bit snow leopard on a creaky old macbook.
edit: it certainly runs, seems to work and growl is still working, so far so good! have switched it to the nightly feed, looking forward to seeing what happens!


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get audiohijack pro, use it to capture cog's output and apply audiounit effects to it smile


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the position the volume slider starts at is 100%, so if you take it all the way to the end it does add gain.


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i will be expecting nightlies to be at least nightly from now on wink


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depends what you mean by "import". if you just want to play the music directly from the cd, go to the cd in finder, and drag all the audio files into cog/onto cog's dock icon.

if you mean ripping the music to mp3 files etc, then that's not something cog does.


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converting mp3 to flac will result in a file that has exactly the same quality as the mp3, but a much bigger filesize - ie, don't do it smile
if you want those albums in shiny flac quality, you will either need to re-rip them from cd to flac, or re-download them as flac.

enjoy smile


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discrotate doesn't work on snow leopard sad the daemon just crashes. any ninja hackers feel like seeing if they can fix it? smile


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thanks for sharing - i generally just drag files/folders from finder to the cog icon in the dock, but it's always good to have more options cool


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cog doesn't interact with ipods at all, it's just for playing music on your computer.


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sounds like a plan. doesn't affect me personally but i can see it being good for other users & thereby good for cog.


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nice smile

don't know if this has been mentioned, but a possible workaround is to use something like audio hijack pro, which can take the audio output from cog and run it through your chosen audiounits before sending the result to your speakers.
it does mean having another app running, but i doubt it adds much resource overhead beyond what the audiounits themselves use.


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if you have two-finger scrolling enabled on your trackpad you can use that over the volume button too smile


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mm i guess you couldn't expect cog to be constantly checking every file in the playlist, to see if it's appeared/disappeared, but i imagine it would be doable to recheck each file when it's due to be played.

edit: i know apps can be notified about some file changes, eg if you have a .txt file open in textedit, and you rename the file in finder, when you go back to textedit it shows the new filename in the title bar, but i don't know how this system works, and i have a feeling it might not be realistic to implement it for every file in a potentially-huge playlist.

yeah it should do.