Topic: Make the files highlighted? Auto add the alias (cue)

First of all, i must give thanks to all the developers who have contribute this awesome player. The whole thing is neat and works effectively.

- automatically add the *.cue to the playlist whenever i click on them (correlated to *.ape/*.flac)
- Add various locations in hardrive cus now i can only bound to one location with its sub-directories
- some highlights in both drawers and playlists that can make the categories look more distinguishable
- the ability to view covers and backcovers

lastly, i'm not sure what exactly i want here,
but i find that when i have a large amount of songs, i find it difficult to play what i wanna play,
maybe a filter will do, or tree style playlist , or some kinds of smart playlist ...

I don't have much times to read through all the posts here, maybe some kind of ideas are already duplicated. whatever it's smile thanks for the release and keep up the hard work! tongue

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