Topic: Colorscheme mismatch

I'm using OSX 10.5 and latest stable cog.
I noticed that the colors of the cogwindow does not match the ones in the colorscheme graphite, except for the titlebar.
Maybe this is a bug, maybe a "feature", i dunno. Just thought that I'd mention it.

By the way, thank you vspader for giving us what iTunes should have been.


Re: Colorscheme mismatch

No, in Leopard, what is supposed to be dark gray is:

-title bars
-standard toolbars (which are directly under the title bar)

and also, though I'm totally sure:
-bottom bars a.k.a. status bars

Anything else will be the standard "window area" color (lighter gray).

Cog doesn't use a standard toolbar, which is why the area beneath the title bar isn't gray.

Re: Colorscheme mismatch

"Bug" is "fixed" with the 0.08 nightlies. smile