Topic: [Strange behaviour][Possible change req]Repeat and and adding to queue

I found such behaviour:

Set repeat to mode "1 song" then add some other track to queue. Next, disable repeat clear playlist and set new one by adding tracks to it. When currently playing song will end or 'Next' button is pressed it is supposed to play first song from new playlist but first of all previously queued song is going to be played.

It is not very clear behaviuor IMO because if I loop one track that means that I wanna listen to it repeatedly for unknown times. Next I want to switch to another song from my list but listen to it in same mode so I add it to queue. And good solution will be here to set higher priority on queue than on repeat mode. Second vision that could solve this problem is some kind of window (i.e. beneath file drawer/list) that will list content of queue to make user not forget that something is already added to queue.

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