Topic: [Duplicate] Spacebar to play/pause


Didn't spacebar work as the play pause button once? And if yes why not anymore? If no, why not?

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Re: [Duplicate] Spacebar to play/pause

My bad, now Wagner stops playing, when I press space... Or rather the guys playing Wagner stops playing, when I hit space... I don't know what happened.

Re: [Duplicate] Spacebar to play/pause

I'm using 0.08 and you can choose what you want it to be. This is for when any app is open. Pressing Space, Right, Left don't pause or change song when the app is open unless those are the hot keys chosen. It would make sense that when the app is open, the space should work. I hope this is fixed for the release of 0.08 or hopefully 1.0 soon smile

Re: [Duplicate] Spacebar to play/pause