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Hm, I'm using the same versions and everything works for me.

Maybe try to login again to the scrobbler or something.. (restarting the apps/mac etc.) you know, the usual stuff.


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Your welcome, glad I could help!

Hehe, yeah, it really is the best "music player" for Mac - nothing more, nothing less.


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The old icons could really use some overhaul, like more (or in this case, any) 3D effects.


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Read your posts dpromsky, but after updating again to version 2.1.33 everything works fine! smile

I guess it's "case closed" then - thanks for your help though! (of course if anyone is still having issues, feel free to post wink)

PS: The cache thing did not happen to me. The app didn't show any scrobbling activity and my site neither.

Edit: Now I encounter double notifications by growl if I enable "Desktop notifications" in the scrobbler - not that this is an issue, but maybe you want to merge those, just wanted to let you know. (a feature of the last.fm-notification is, that it shows the cover by downloading them, which is not bad if you haven't implemented them in your own tracks..)


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Never thought of such a feature but now that you mention it: why not smile

Also one could also add cmd+c as a command to copy the track name to paste it somewhere


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A lot of stir in here, I like that smile

Just my 2¢: The beams could really be a little less glossy, and in your (HERRIE!!) last version the 'inner' C looks too.. I don't know, orange?

But hey, that's just nitpicking and all in all it looks very good! It could only use some little improvements (but that's subjective too..), imho wink

@tuurngait: Can't see the image you've posted - dropbox says the file has been moved, just so you know.


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^Can you explain why the designs hold you back from updating? So this means you like the oldest icon, right? Or do you like the current icon?


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I second the post of HERRIE!!, was gonna post about the same thing but he was faster than me in doing so =P

Short: the old style looks very good and we should keep that (wood-)style in my opinion..

I'm not very skilled in graphic design either but if there is enough time left for the voting maybe I could see what I can come up with.


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+1 for the changelog!

And keep it going dpromsky - like it so far smile


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Nice to see someone is working on cog - hope you will be successful!

If you need any help don't hesitate to ask (like testing your version etc. - unfortunately I don't have any coding skills =P)



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Do you mean the file tree..? Well, the file tree just shows you your selected folder.. so you will have to put your music in one folder to have them all shown. There is no library like in itunes


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is it always the same file? because sometimes this happens to me too.. seems like some files' timestamps can't be read by cog.

or it is caused by nero =P

i tried to find a mail to contact them but couldnt find one.. =/


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forget the sidebar, tabs are much more useful smile but yeah.. multiple playlists would be useful (although in foobar i tended to create too many playlists because i was too lazy to clean the others up - i don't have that problem anymore =P)

as long as the controls are optional: why not.. i surely don't want those stars on my menubar big_smile


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good to see that people still care about this app smile

i'm not sure though how helpful a donation would be because i didn't hear the developer say "i'm stopping becausei ain't getting no money!!" but because he just doesn't have the time for it..

"looking for developers" seems to be a nice idea - but you already gotta have some ideas for him to work on. the problem with this notion is that no developer would do this for fun ; either he is interested in the app (which obviously isn't the case) or he will earn some money

wouldn't mind either way to donate some money for this beautiful app smile

just my 2 cents

edit: oh and maybe we should promote this app a little bit more.. for example: spreading the word "heyyyyy.. version 0.8 is out!" (put this as a "news" on the front page)

edit2: and another thing that bothered me as i tried to make cog more known: guess how many letters you are allowed to use to search the macbb board? yup.. at least 4 letters - so even if i created a topic about cog, people wouldn't/couldn't find it via search.. *sigh*


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Now I understand smile Well, unfortunately Cog does not have a "sync" function.. But you can simply copy the music on your mac and start playing it with Cog - I guess this won't solve your problem though..


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I don't know how those players get synced with your mac (maybe you could tell us =P) but I guess the ipod has its playlists in itunes, right? You can just drag&drop those tracks in cog and listen to them..


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no major bugs known as far as the nightbuild is concerned so release it eventually!!!


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