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I really like these icons, but I also agree with Zitz: Get rid of the 'og'.


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I like it! I was working on a set using the Silk icons but they don't really fit the Cog "feel".

I do agree with remain on the Repeat Off and Volume points but I think that the full circle repeat all makes a nice distinction for itself. The other two repeats are "limited" repeats and don't really deserve a full circle. Also, Shuffle and Regular play aren't as instantly recognizable as they could be. For a while, I thought that regular play was the file drawer button tongue

there are certain libraries that are leopard only and when it comes to Apple-built libraries, there's no real way to include them for pre-leopard systems. same goes for an application that, say, uses spotlight. it's just not going to fly on 10.2 because there are no spotlight libraries in 10.2. and, as a coder, you must realize that writing in exceptions and alternate libraries can simply end up being more trouble than its worth.

it sucks to leave people behind but sometimes it's really the only option.


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Amarok's alright but it's definitely got the iTunes-like maximalist aim. Quite the opposite of Cog in my mind at least.


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Alternatively, you could go into System Preferences and check the box that forces you to to use the Fn key (above Delete on my full wired k/b) then set up Cog to respond to the multimedia keys' corresponding F-key. Eg: F7 for Previous, F8 for Play/Pause, etc. That way it looks and feels like you're using the multimedia keys without the fear of accidentally activating iTunes.

I haven't tried this but it should work...


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might be easier just to soak the labels off then label the discs with a sharpie...

True enough. I wasn't completely awake when I wrote that and was assuming that joel meant putting the ellipsis inside a pair of parenthesis.

Joel, your best bet would be to use something like a ~ or even a comma instead of periods. Periods make for bad juju on anything UNIX-y.

I've been dropping in occasionally... There is a reason I haven't been active though so chances are I won't be able to do the icons within a timetable acceptable to the rest of you fast-paced folk tongue

I'll try though.

It's too bad the Cog icon isn't something one could dress-up. Then we'd have themers coming out of the woodwork to make new icons for it. tongue

+1 to remain's latest comments except I'd give it more than OK. I think it beats the pants off the current design.

I love it! big_smile Simple, clean, friendly and still presents all the necessary options.

The best part about this: if preference-crazed users start demanding preference options for everything, there's still plenty of room to add pages to the window.


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Just because we nerdly folk, living on the fringes of Mac software aren't scared off by such things but Cog is supposed to be simple and effective. I've said it before when people say "Well just make it a preference!" when they ask for some obscure option and I'll say it again now: Preferences aren't the solution to everything and just because you CAN doesn't mean you should. I agree with the previous comment that there should be more hotkeys for things like searching and what-have-you but making them customizable, globally accessible, blah blah blah is just plain old-fashioned overkill.


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Just a warning before you go ahead and do that, the Nightly updates are extremely buggy. I had to switch back to the old version just so it wouldn't crash every time I started up Cog. I wouldn't switch to the Nightly unless you're eager to send in lots of bug reports or you really really need a compact player.


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Bah, why wasn't my sparkle prefs set to nightlies! My first reaction was "Ohhhh sexxy".

A couple of ideas though: It might be good to play with the button spacing a bit. The default static spaces, like the one between the prev/play/next buttons and the volume button, could easily be traded for the dotted separators without making the bar feel crowded. Maybe even set up the repeat/shuffle and info/files buttons as groups in the same fashion as the prev/play/next to save a little more space, after all they are related too no? Are all the icons going to be beveled like the volume icon or flat black like the play icon?


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I don't know about the rest of you but I've got a 25gb collection that takes me at least a minute to scroll the whole way through using two-fingered scrolling on a Macbook, nevermind my iPod. If anything I think whatever is a drawer now should be an independent panel that's invisible when Cog isn't the frontmost app.

I, for one, welcome our new Leopard-only overlords. tongue

That happened to me this morning.. No idea why, I didn't change anything.


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do those same files load fine in other music players?

if the tags appear correctly in, say, iTunes then it's a Cog problem but if they turn up as gibberish in iTunes as well then I'd say that your songs aren't tagged correctly.

There's actually been some talk about this.. It'd mean turning the top area where all of the controls are into a toolbar. My guess is that it wouldn't happen until this first Leopard-only release though.


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Yeah except that if, say, iTunes and Cog are both running then hitting play will activate them both.