Topic: noob here - what to do?

I'm on an iBook G4 running 10.4 and I'm not sure what kind of "" I should download, compatible to Cog 0.07 (r635) that is. All I see on is multiple plug-ins, tools etc. I'd be glad if someone could help me out. Thanks alot!

Re: noob here - what to do?

Hey there,

first of all: Welcome aboard! smile

According to the Support page and this bit of text:

Using an OS older than Mac OSX 10.6 or other unsupported operating system.
The 1.5.2 version of the client is still available for download for Windows here and Mac here.


you can download it by clicking on "here" (don't know why they put the Windows link in there, too - I mean, it's about Mac right?).

Enjoy the player and feel free to contribute!

I just recognized that you downloaded the 0.07 version - try this new version created by dpromsky, which can be found here. Don't know if it works on 10.4 but you could try it smile

Re: noob here - what to do?

Thank you. Scrobbling works really well now. Cog's newest version does not (with 10.4), as written in the log, so no surprise. Anyway this player is the best available for Mac I have to say.

Re: noob here - what to do?

Your welcome, glad I could help!

Hehe, yeah, it really is the best "music player" for Mac - nothing more, nothing less.