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Alright, here's our setup.  We've got a PowerMac G5 with two outputs; the built in sound card and an M-Audio USB audio interface.  This particular setup is being used to play music in a bar.  We've got iTunes set up to play through the built-in sound card so they can preview tracks in the back room.  At the same time, we've got Cog running with its output set to the M-Audio interface.  The theory here is that they can be playing music out in the bar through Cog and at the same time, they can preview songs in the back room via iTunes without disturbing the bar music.  Cog is the only software that I've found that comes close to fitting the requirements(easy-to-use, selectable output(this one was tough to find.  Thx Cog!), playlist support, and volume normalization).  The only feature that Cog appears to not support is volume normalization.  They have to frequently adjust the volume on out in the bar because some songs will be too soft while others are too loud.  Are there any plans to offer volume normalization in Cog?

Also, another wish list is that when you drag playlists from iTunes into Cog, it appears as if it doesn't maintain the order of the mixes them up.  However, when you select multiple tracks and drag them into Cog, it DOES maintain the order.  Is there any way to make Cog not mix up the songs when you drag playlists into it?  This may need to be in a separate thread so I apologize if that is indeed the case.

Thanks and keep up the amazing work!

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Re: Volume Normalization?

Wow, am I the only one who would like this feature? tongue

Re: Volume Normalization?

ReplayGain support has been requested. Sadly, it's not high priority at the moment.

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Support for the iTunNORM Tag would be nice if using Cog as a iTunes companion.