Topic: Set an amount of silence between each track

Hi !!

It will be cool if there was a way for adding some ms of silence between each track!

Some may call me crazy but here is why!!

Im listening to many sample packs very ofter and the most samples are very short ... just a few milliseconds ....

so when i hit play im hearing a flood of sounds trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ... you know what i mean!

if im listening to a pack of bass drums is like listening an unstoppable shotgun and there is no way to say which bassdrum is the one is playing!

just an example


Re: Set an amount of silence between each track

I actually think this is a great idea, though since Cog hasn't seen any real development in months now (and no release in over two years), I don't know how much hope there is to see it implemented.  If I had any programming skills, I'd try, but...