Topic: Two problems

Hey! I'm new here, but I've been a Cog user for one or two years.
One of the problems I have (a long time problem) is that where the elapsed or remaining time of the song should appear, I see "TimeElapsed" o "TimeRemaining", as text.
The other problem is recent: I see each column (Artist, Title, etc...) twice. That's weird, but since I improved my RAM a lot of things went weird in my iBook.

Thank you!


Re: Two problems

That's interesting. It points to a problem with the localization files. Did you try trashing it and downloading it again from scratch?

If that doesn't fix it, your ram may be doing something wonky to your machine.

Re: Two problems

Re: Two problems

What version are you using? What are your language preferences set to? The latest nightly isn't fully localized, so something may be happening there.