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I know I've mentioned this a couple of times before, but it deserves its own thread, I think.

So the idea is, that since vspader doesn't have the necessary time to develop this amazing app, that I think the development should be expanded, even if only a little bit.
And since I have heard nothing in the direction of open sourcing it, my idea is that a development team could be established. A trusted group of developers, if you will.

I know Cog is his precious baby, but wouldn't you rather let someone adopt your baby under your supervision than letting it die because you were too busy to take care of it? tongue
A bit morbid in comparison, I know smile But I just think it's such a shame to let something this genius go to waste.

People could apply for the different areas in development, like scripting, visual design etc.
I for one would gladly sign up for visual design, I am currently under education in interaction design at the university.

All in all, the purpose of the development team would be to refine/expand on functionality and taking care of the rough edges, while preserving the general feel of Cog.
Doesn't that sound somewhat acceptable, vspader?

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Yeah, I saw the UI by brock, and it really looks good.

As for vspader, I see your point, I have noticed that tendency as well, but I think I'll wait for an actual answer from him.
And yes, of course it's doing its job at the current state, but the interface is a little messed up.
I mean, a separate info window with album art? C'mon man, he must be able to see that it should be integrated smile

Besides, he seems like a nice guy, I'm still optimistic that he will be able to see some reason in my idea.

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I gladly accept patches from others, am more than willing to add people to the commit list if they want to be.  I'd even consider handing the project over to someone that has the time to devote to it. The thing is, Cog is open source already. Anybody can download it and modify it as they see fit. Not many have though.

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I did not know that.. Silly of me