Topic: my two gripes (id3 tags and shuffle)

I dont know if these have been covered already, they probably have. Cog is definitely my favorite application for playing audio files, but i have two problems with it. 

1. Shuffle feature really sucks, it doesn't seem to shuffle between all of the files on the playlist and stick to an area of about 100 tracks... if that's not clear what I mean is, say if i have 5000 files... it usually shuffles a very small range of that (a couple hundred or so).

(edit)I have also been partial to a "shuffle album" as I often like to listen to entire albums but don't like to pick which one.

2. inability to edit tags... it's really frustrating to find files sometimes because I have so many and a lot of them still need to be tagged,

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Re: my two gripes (id3 tags and shuffle)

You should try the shuffle feature on the latest nightly. It should be much better. For 2, there were some efforts to add this, but I don't know what happened to them.

Re: my two gripes (id3 tags and shuffle)

I know I'm probably missing something really obvious, but whenever I try to run the nightly it crashes immediately. Is there some trick to opening it?

Edit: Nevermind, I just don't have leopard.

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Re: my two gripes (id3 tags and shuffle)

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