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Do you have a working build with that setup? I would be interested to try it.



Re: File Panel alternative

Re: File Panel alternative


I would prefer bold, but of course I understand the 'some fonts cant be bolded'-argument. Maybe we could have both and then people could remove the status column, if they don't care about it.

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Re: File Panel alternative

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looks interesting smile

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Very nice.

I added some basic support for side panes in r901. The left/bottom pane is always a fixed size, so I don't think horizontal scroll will be necessary for the playlist. I did it in a general way so hopefully other things can take advantage of it in the future ( pane? HMM!!)

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A pane would be neat. I think a playlist panel (for multiple playlist support) would be nice too. Maybe move the File Info drawer to it also? Lots of options for side panels.

Thanks for adding this.

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Neat. This works surprisingly well.

I wonder if anyone actually still prefer the panel/floating window though.

The panel still offers the advantage that it can be placed anywhere and can be completely different shapes and sizes than the main window.

That, however, is also its weakness; because it is completely separate from the main window, if you want to move "Cog," you'd have to move the main window, then move the File Tree Panel (and the Spotlight Panel if that's open as well).

I wonder if it's worth also offering the panels/floating windows as well as the panes.

Also, I do agree that the Info Drawer should be turned into a pane.

Or even better, an Inspector/floating window, such that its larger size would make it ready if one day, tag viewing/editing is added.

Seems like drawers are slowly being phased out nowadays... One thing I never liked about drawers is that they can appear either at the top/bottom (or on the left/right) depending on the window's location/size.

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Also, a few little suggestions:

1) Instead of the term "Side View," I suggest that "Pane" should be used. I think that's the actual term for that UI element. Also, it's not only on the side; it can also be at the bottom, so it shouldn't be "Side Pane" either, just plain "Pane."

2) Instead of "Toggle Orientation," may I suggest a sub-menu:

Pane Orientation >

And with the "Right" option, I think this would cover all the bases. (I don't think anybody would want the pane at the top... I think.)

One more random thought:

Say we do have everything available as a pane. In such a case, I think this would work best:


Left Pane >
Right Pane >
Bottom Pane >

And for each:

-File Tree

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I think I'm going to take a cue from Firefox and call it the sidebar.

Technically, this could be extended so any of them could be shoved in a sidepane, drawer, or panel. Although...I don't know how crazy I want to get with it.

I think sidebar works best for now though, and one at a time is good enough.

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Re: File Panel alternative

r903 has a proof of concept for using them in windows too. It just doesn't have the autosaving goodness (yet). I dunno how this is going to end up, but it's one step closer to moving this stuff into a plugin.

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"Sidebar" works, since windows have 4 sides.

A detachable sidebar/sidebar item(s), like how Adium contact groups are, would be cool. They have handles so you can drag them out of the main contact list.

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The file inspector has an advantage: it does not changes the size of the main window, so the column widths and the info visible are always the same. Another advantage: it disappear when Cog is in background, thus leaving only the main window, with the data one may want to read also with Cog in background (i.e.: next track name).

I think the info drawer should not become a pane, because Panes have some sizes constrained. An inspector would be better: it disappears when not on top, can have a completely free size, ...

Re: File Panel alternative

Re: File Panel alternative

My initial reaction is - I don't like it. I fear it would get a bit festive... In a corny kind of way

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Re: File Panel alternative

Thinking about it it might work out...

If we go down this road, think carefully... before deciding the colour though. I would hat to have a blue line or a red one to disturb the eye. Another way to achieve this could be inverting the colours, have the currently playing song be in a black line and the text white. (Yes I know, it would probably be quite ugly.)

At the moment cog isn't the most customizable app in the world. Hopefully this will change. Then it will be great, people can do whatever they want.

Re: File Panel alternative

Re: File Panel alternative

I noticed that the last nightly has no more the file panel, but only a pane.
I don't know why it was removed, but conceptually it makes absolutely no sense: the file panel is something that requires different size than the main window (the folder structure, with the different depth, has obviously different requirements than a simple list of songs

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