Topic: Print Playlist

Would it be possible to develop a feature that allows you to print the current playlist, with options as to what tag items to print (i.e. artist, album, genre, etc)? That would be great.

Otherwise, is someone aware of a program that opens playlist files & prints them with the tag info? If there is such a tool or program, that would lower the priority of the Cog feature.

Re: Print Playlist

It is not something, that would be top priority for me. My suggestion would be to select the tags you want to show and take a screen shot. It is not the perfect solution for you, but it would do the trick

Re: Print Playlist

Yeah, but a screen shot would be a picture, not text.

I agree this isn't too important, but it sure would be a nice little extra feature to have in the future.

Basically, I'm imagining a "Create text file of current playlist" command, which, when used, pops up a dialog asking which tags to include, then Save, and voila, a text file. You can copy paste or print it afterwards.

A thought:

Perhaps when in the future, Cut/Copy/Paste is implemented for the playlist, we could also have the option of "smart copy paste" just like in the Finder.

In the Finder, say you copy a file or files. If you do Paste in another folder, it'll paste that file/those files in that folder, of course. But if you paste in a text field in some other app, it'll paste the file name of that file/those files.

That's pretty smart in my opinion.

I'd be cool if Cog could do something like that someday. (Copy a playlist entry or entries. Then if you paste somewhere else in the playlist, it pastes the entry there. But if you paste in a text field, it pastes the name.)