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Hi all,

Perhaps I am missing something basic but I would love to be able to Ctrl click and send a folder of MP3's to be played by Cog. Is that sort of thing possible already or are there any 3rd party apps?

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Actually I think this is a point where os x is weaker than windows. Back when I used winxp my context menu would have all sorts of shortcuts.

I don't know if this is because developers just don't implement context menu shortcuts, or because it is hard to do. I did a brief search on Google and found a post where someone complained that he couldn't right click a folder and have the contained images viewed as slideshow.

I can right click my folders and have them scanned for viruses with clamxav or toasted with... toast.



Re: "Open Folder" with Cog?

Re: "Open Folder" with Cog?

Actually you can command-c command-v in finder with 10.5.1

I was a bit puzzled with the more-menu. Just found it yesterday. It seems to add a step to the process.

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Sorry my bad. I thought I could move too. obviously I only checked the wrong one. Sigh.

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Thanks everyone!