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i have noticed the GUI change in the latest nightly releases.
to be honest the new loudness-button is a big step back from my personal point of view.

* Basically me as a user does need at least one-click more now.
I need to open the dialog (1 click) and change the slider (at least 1 click)

* Slider Scale
If i take a look on my volume-slide-bar i do use the first 20 % if it, everything else would be horrible loud.
So i have to do my loudness-sound-level-calibration in about less then 1 cm of GUI.
Using optical-out on my mac pro

* Slider Controlling:
Is there a way to control the slider without mouse-clicking ?
How about defining hot-keys to increase & decrease the sound-level.
i.e.: + & -

* Other ideas howto realize the sound-level-handling.
I really enjoyed the amarok idea in this area. You have a small gui-element which looks like a slidebar or similar.
If you push the mouse above this gui element you can change/interact just by scrolling your mouse-wheel.
up -> increase
down -> decrease
GUI displays the change

just a few thoughts
Best regards

Re: Control Loudness in latest nightly releases

Re: Control Loudness in latest nightly releases

regarding the shortcuts.....hehe yeah really my fault
but that was really just a side-effect, while posting the general loudness-control feedback big_smile

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