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Hello all,

Although I discovered Cog lately this week, I already know it's gonna be an important app to me; As I have a planned purchase for a mac mini with a NAS next year. And playing music from a NAS that's exactly itunes weak point: With all the extra features, itunes (90.6 MB) has become a too heavy app.

I guess, because the developers had some other priorities - Thanks for the great job. wink - ; But unfortunately there wasn't that much development last year. And so what can we do about that? What do you think of following ideas?:
1) Posting a question on the Cog-homepage 'We're looking for developers'.
2) Posting the same question on mac-forums. Makes people also aware; There is more then only itunes.
3) Place a donations button at the Cog-site.
4) Making Cog shareware, as quality has a price.

Feedback is welcome. And also please continue this brainstorm.

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Re: Keeping Cog alive: What can we do?

nice post, yeah would be nice to find someone interested in keeping the project alive, though i never wrote in objective C, maybe someone can help out wink anyway i can't believe people on macs use only itunes. Cog is pretty much foobar2000 for mac and i hope development will go on. Donations might help in the future too wink

Re: Keeping Cog alive: What can we do?

good to see that people still care about this app smile

i'm not sure though how helpful a donation would be because i didn't hear the developer say "i'm stopping becausei ain't getting no money!!" but because he just doesn't have the time for it..

"looking for developers" seems to be a nice idea - but you already gotta have some ideas for him to work on. the problem with this notion is that no developer would do this for fun ; either he is interested in the app (which obviously isn't the case) or he will earn some money

wouldn't mind either way to donate some money for this beautiful app smile

just my 2 cents

edit: oh and maybe we should promote this app a little bit more.. for example: spreading the word "heyyyyy.. version 0.8 is out!" (put this as a "news" on the front page)

edit2: and another thing that bothered me as i tried to make cog more known: guess how many letters you are allowed to use to search the macbb board? yup.. at least 4 letters - so even if i created a topic about cog, people wouldn't/couldn't find it via search.. *sigh*

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Re: Keeping Cog alive: What can we do?