Topic: Clear playlist and enqueue only

Hello, I know this would be rather more of a feature request than a bug, but I think the solution is trivial, and it would be an option very nice to have.

When opening files and/or folder(s), we currently have the following options in the preferences:
- Clear playlist and play
- Enqueue
- Enqueue and play

However, the fourth option, the one I would like to use, is missing: "Clear playlist and enqueue only"

I keep my songs in folders by artist. Using the current build, when I open a new folder to change artists, I keep hearing the first song in each folder over and over! Please, no workaround, like manually clearing the playlist, or selecting specific songs only by file name. We really should have this fourth option.

Re: Clear playlist and enqueue only

I'd like this too. For me it would be a big improvement for, perhaps, little effort.

And how about "Queue" instead of "Enqueue"? yikes