Topic: Problem with CUE Files

Here's an example: I have a complete CD burned as one APE file. There is an accompanying .CUE file and .log file.

If I dump the CUE file onto my Cog playlist, all the individual numbers show up nicely with the accompanying tags: artist, album, length, year, genre, track no. However, when I press the "PLAY" button nothing happens, except that Cog skips to the very last track on the playlist and bolds it in the window, without playing it.

I can't get any results using the CUE file, so I am forced to dump the one big APE file onto the Cog window. It shows up alright, just as one file with no track information. I have no way of selecting a particular track that might be halfway through the big file. It's just a 1 hour, 45-minute file to be played.

I've had this issue on more than one CUE files. I've looked at the individual CUE files in a text editor and they all appear to be fine, with more than enough requisite information, seemingly.

Is this a bug in Cog or is something wrong on my end?

TIA for any assistance. By the way, I'm on Mac 10.4.11.


Re: Problem with CUE Files

am I right in saying that you don't have problems with *every* cue file? maybe the cue files have an error - although they seem correct. you could try to create new ones..

I just can say that I don't have any problems with cue files - they work fine.

another question: which cog version do you use? (I guess the 0.07 version because you mentioned this in another post) maybe you should try the nightbuild..

Re: Problem with CUE Files

Hello from So. Calif. and thanks for your reply.

I think you're right in pointing out that it may be a bad .cue file. I took one of the large APE files, dumped it onto XLD and created separate FLAC tracks for each of the numbers. Then it generated a new .cue sheet, which I then dumped onto Cog and all the tags show up and it plays fine.

However, I don't think I want to do this to all the APE and FLAC files I have. I don't know how to create a new .cue sheet in XLD. Any suggestions?

Thanks again.

Re: Problem with CUE Files

unfortunately i don't have much experience with cue sheets, sorry^^ - maybe google can help you.. if you find a solution feel free to post it here, good luck

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