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I have just downloaded and tried Cog to play some FLAC files I have lying around and WOW. Clarity is superb. Have tried VLC, Quicktime (Yes I use a MAC) and they are not a patch on COG.

I do have a couple of things to ask however.

Some of the files are missing information such as Artist, album etc. Is there a way of editing this info into the playlist.

Also for the techies amongst you all.

I have used itunes for years so most of my music is mp3. Can I successfully convert mp3 to flac and still get the clarity I have with the current flac files I use in Cog?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Just tried Cog

unfortunately cog does not support editing the infos of the files.. you'll have to use an mp3 tagger - which isn't bad either.. some of them have really good features such as auto-fill wink

about your second question: i'm not sure but, as far as i know flac is a format for much higher audio quality than mp3 so converting from a bad quality into a format with better quality support won't make the files better/any difference smile

edit: i've looked it up and it's like i said.. flac, or free lossless audio codec, as its name says is for lossless converting, but you're mp3's will already have some quality flaws so converting into flacs wouldn't make sense unless you just want bigger files =P (if 'im wrong correct me please..)

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Re: Just tried Cog

Many thanks. I did, in the end, download a converter "MAX" and reconverted the FLAC to FLAC, within this it allowed me to fill in the information but will try your suggestion of an mp3 tagger.
best wishes


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converting mp3 to flac will result in a file that has exactly the same quality as the mp3, but a much bigger filesize - ie, don't do it smile
if you want those albums in shiny flac quality, you will either need to re-rip them from cd to flac, or re-download them as flac.

enjoy smile

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