Topic: Newbie-itis or COG problem??

Just trying out COG for the first time.

A few tunes I imported have the titles "Track 01", "Track 02"...etc.
I would like to enter the correct titles, artist, etc. but seem to be unable to
do that. I highlight the track, click on the Title space as I would in iTunes
and nothing happens. There seems to be no way to type in the new info.

Is there a magic key stroke needed here? Or, am I being dense (not for the first time)?

Re: Newbie-itis or COG problem??

There's currently no way to edit the song metadata (such as ID3 tags for MP3s).

There have been suggestions to add this functionality, a while back.

And yes, in-line metadata editing would certainly be neat.

Re: Newbie-itis or COG problem??

Thanks for your reply. I'll look forward to this feature. I'd really like to find a
good alternative to iTunes, which I consider bloated and clumsy to use.