Topic: Tracker files with loop points

I have some S3M/IT files from a game (Unreal 1) that don't play all the way through with Cog (r1879).  The game had some files that were divided into 3 sections (ambient, action, post-action).  Cog only plays the first section, maybe because it sees the loop point at the end of the first section and treats it as an endpoint?  I don't know much about these formats.

VLC plays through the files completely, although both VLC and Cog show a total song length that is only the length of the first section.

I emailed three sample files.  Thanks!

Re: Tracker files with loop points

Re: Tracker files with loop points

big_smile Thanks for looking into it.  Otherwise, Cog's (or dumb's) playback is actually better than VLC (compare 'Shared Dig' in Cog vs VLC, where VLC fails to play some samples).