Topic: Multiple outputs

Cog doesn't seem to be using the output designated system-wide as the "speakers".  It appears to just be using the first set of outputs of multi-output sound cards.  It would be very useful to me to be able to select which outputs I want to use.  Am I missing something or is this the only behavior available in Cog?


Re: Multiple outputs

I'm not entirely sure what you mean. If you go to the preferences, you can change the output device. It could be related to channel mapping. Cog will only do anything if it's a mono file, then it will map it to stereo. It doesn't do any stereo -> 5.1 or anything like that I don't think.

Re: Multiple outputs

OK.  Sorry for not being clear enough.  I'm outputting stereo audio; nothing too complicated. I have a multi-channel soundcard (actually 10 channels in/out).  Within OSX (in the Audio Setup utility), you can configure a set of channels to be your default "speakers".  The web browsers, iTunes, and others use these set of outputs as the default for sending audio.  In my case, I use channels 7 & 8 because of how my mixer is setup.  Applications that are truly multi-channel (things like Garage Band, Logic, Amplitube, Reason), let me pick channels specifically for output.  It would be very useful, to me, for Cog to be able to either a) use the set of channels set as "speakers" in OSX or to be able to pick channels specifically for output.  Cog appears to send audio to the first two channels no matter what I do (I can tell because it comes through my control room rig on 1&2 rather than my monitors on 7&8 like all the other audio apps do).

I know this is probably obscure, but I like cog for playing back my FLAC's (I'm a recent Windows-switcher) while I'm working on the studio rig.