Topic: option to set File Drawer's font size

For those of us with hundreds or thousands of albums, being able to set a smaller font size for the file drawer would get rid of a lot of scrolling.  The smaller font in the playlist is completely readable and more optimal for large music libraries.

Sorry if this has been mentioned before.  I'm a recent convert to OS X after 15 years of windows and found myself missing WinAmp right away.  But this is a great app that could make me forget about that.  Keep it going!

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Re: option to set File Drawer's font size

Nevermind wink.

Just updated to the nightly build and the font size is much better.   Having the option would still be nice though.  I know that Cog seems like it's geared towards minimizing options, but to appeal to more users and their tastes it wouldn't be bad to add a few more.  If you really like an app, you'll find your way around the options.

Off the top of my head, besides a font option, a pause hotkey and the ability to view multiple locations at once in the file drawer would be great.

Re: option to set File Drawer's font size