Topic: no artist or album name?

think i might be doing something wrong..  i rip cd's using max(aiff) to my music folder,  then when i drag the file into cog, the title of the song appears followed by .aiff, but no album name or artist name, in their respective columns. any idea what im doing wrong? i'm not the most clued up computer user so any help would be appreciated. thanks!

Re: no artist or album name?

This is only a guess, but it might have something to do with the fact that AIFF tags aren't completely standardized in the way that MP3 tags are.  I know that iTunes uses them, but I'm not sure whether it's using some weird-ish, non-standard format.  I suspect Cog may not support AIFF tags -- it's not mentioned on the features page.

One workaround would be to encode to FLAC rather than AIFF.  This format takes up less space (without sacrificing quality), but has a well-supported tagging system that's fully supported by Cog (and Max).  The only downside I can think of is that the iPod doesn't support FLAC, so you'd have to re-encode them as AIFF, WAV, or Apple Lossless for hi-fi portable listening.

Re: no artist or album name?

thanks goldenband, tried it with flac and the artist and album were added. cheers!

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