Topic: c++ coder asks: why 10.5-only?


as per the subject line - why is the new version of Cog 10.5-only?

surely Apple have made the new 10.5 libraries backwards-compatible? so compiling for 10.4 should be a piece of cake? - i mean, they solved the dual architecture problem bloody nicely.

or is it a cunning marketing ploy...

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there are certain libraries that are leopard only and when it comes to Apple-built libraries, there's no real way to include them for pre-leopard systems. same goes for an application that, say, uses spotlight. it's just not going to fly on 10.2 because there are no spotlight libraries in 10.2. and, as a coder, you must realize that writing in exceptions and alternate libraries can simply end up being more trouble than its worth.

it sucks to leave people behind but sometimes it's really the only option.

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well, i'm on 10.4, have no reason to upgrade, and i don't want to give Apple any more money if i can help it. how many libraries are there? if i was to download the source and start fiddling around, if i made it work would my changes end up in the main source tree?

i'm a musician who was using iTunes until quite recently, until its DRM filter decided to delete a bunch of unreleased music of mine, outside of the ordinary iTunes folder structure. Cog is the best alternative, it would seem. but i don't want to upgrade for it, because it's likely upgrading will break other things (most notably, Pd).

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Re: c++ coder asks: why 10.5-only?

Re: c++ coder asks: why 10.5-only?

Well, 10.5 offers a lot to the developer. Really, a lot of stuff can be done a lot easier.