Topic: queuing ability?

One thing I would kind of like to see on this is the ability to queue a song.  Sometimes I'll be in the mood to listen to a couple of songs and it would be nice if I could go through and select them instead of hoping that they'll come up next or waiting until each song finishes and selecting the next one. 

Just a suggestion.

Re: queuing ability?

I second that.  Like in audacious just select the song and hit the "q" button and it ques up the song to play next then plays the song after the last que.  I love that in other apps and would love cog to have it wink

Re: queuing ability?

We've implemented some shiny new queueing stuff now! It's looking really good, and as soon as we address some issues it'll be double plus fabtastic cool

Thanks for your feedback, and keep on cogging!