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Hey vSpader, Remain and the all you people suggesting features and bugs

I think you are doing a really good job with this app. It works like a charm, you are open to suggestions and cog is improving every day... Almost.

Your music child is growing, and I think it could be interesting to know how many downloads you have. The actual number of users is obviously everyone's guess. But anyhow some stats would be fun. It would also be interesting to know some more about you as a developer, how many devs contribute to Cog, and then the one thing I wondered about the other day, what is your affiliation to Play, Max and Tag (or sBooth, I guess)?.

Thanks for a great and growing app.



ps. Thanks for the heads up on the Audion story, really interesting

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Re: Thanks and user stats


Cool, nice to know the story behind yours and sbooth's similar website design. And the stats would be fun, but hey you keep focus on the roadmap. The rest is just glazing for lazy people like me with nothing to do, but hang around other people's project.

Thanks again.

More than 140.000 downloads from sourceforge. That is pretty impressive I think. And if you look at the graph for all time donloads it looks like there have been two boost in popularity at 05-2006 and 07-2007. Probably new versions coming out. But the boost seems to stay and the everyday dl's are higher (after each update?). Maybe we can conclude that a better app leads to more users, since people updating tell their friends that Cog has improved.

Update update:
Something weird happens to the Project Web Traffic around 04-2007, it suddenly drops radically to basically nothing. Some kind of error? Is it important? Is it because you changed your web address?

Final update I promise

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