Topic: scrobbling not working on 10.4.10

Hi folks,

Cog is great, I wanted something that wouldn't re-organise my files when I played them roll and it does the job very nicely.

Can't get scrobbling to work though... nothing happens... if app isn't open when I start Cog, it does open automatically, but that's about it.

I'm on 10.4.10

Any ideas?



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Re: scrobbling not working on 10.4.10

Does the client window register the song as playing, does it say it will not be scrobbled, or is it not doing anything at all?

Re: scrobbling not working on 10.4.10

I have the same problem.  The client does not register at all.  I'm on 10.5.1 and the newest Cog.  iTunes is communicated with the client correctly so I think that's fine.

Re: scrobbling not working on 10.4.10

i was wondering how " support" works actually. So this means it uses the client to submit the data played on cog?
*edit: i  had the same problem with earlier versions, but now i've upgraded everithing to the latest and it works

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Re: scrobbling not working on 10.4.10

Cog simply sends the data to the client, the client handles the authentication and communication with the servers.

Re: scrobbling not working on 10.4.10

I deleted client from Applications; Library/Preferences/; Library/Application Support/ I had to kill Last.reporter and LastFmHelper from terminal:

ps ux
kill <PID>

Then ive reinstalled it. Voila, it works now again. I will invertigate more later. But as i could remember contact lost completly since both iTunes or online radio + Cog played sound paralelly.