Topic: FLAC support in OS X.5

Greetings, fellow Cog users and developers/contributors!

I've decided to  ask this question here 'cause Cog users are familiar with FLAC and should know for sure if there is FLAC support on OS level in Leopard. Apple promised to do it some time ago and they said there was some support in early betas, however I'm not sure it made it to the final version.

Is there a good reason to buy this piece of software besides reflective dock and coverflow inside finder? big_smile

Re: FLAC support in OS X.5

Using 10.5, I can't open flac with iTunes or Quicktime, so I doubt theres any support there. I've never heard of apple even wanting to add FLAC support to OS X (They do have apple lossless, after all). Perhaps you're thinking of the QT Components?

Re: FLAC support in OS X.5

Yes, I do use Xiphophorus Quicktime components, but it's still impossible to use iTunes to play FLAC files and I wasn't speaking of them.

Some time ago there was a topic on some forum (was it hydrogenaudio?) that Apple had their own implementation of decoders and that they even showed that on a Developers Conference. I don't see the reason for them to do it because of ALAC, but I thought it was a cool thing if they do it.

At that time all that hype almost made me use iTunes (Cog was only 0.5 and didn't support it, SVN builds did, but worked for like only two minutes for me :-) )

Now we have Cog 0.6 and I just thought... do we need Leopard? :-)

Re: FLAC support in OS X.5

Actually, there is an example audio codec in the developer examples that does FLAC decoding and encoding.