Topic: Add to Queue keyboard shortcut + queue position numbers

I really like the queue function, but I'd like to see some improvements.

Since I'm mainly using the keyboard for input it's kind of a hassle to queue songs by grabbing the mouse and using the function in the context menu.

My suggestion is to add a modifier key (alt or ctrl)+Q as a keyboard shortcut to (de)queue the selected song(s). The modifier key is needed, because there is the ability to select a song by just typing the first letters of the title.

Also I never understood why there are +-signs used to indicate a song is queued. This way when multiple songs are queued there is no way to determine in which order these songs will be played.

My suggestion there is using numbers instead of +-signs to not only show that the song is queued but also show the position in the queue list. The number should be gray (like the play sign in that same column) so that it is not confused with other numbers like the song #. Logically when the next queued song is played the numbers should all move up by 1 to correspond with the new position in the queue. Winamp also has this functionality.

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Re: Add to Queue keyboard shortcut + queue position numbers