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Gonna use it and it looks good but I'm missing features like an Equalizer or Auto Gain or a button to toggle the Playlist on and off... Hope this project goes fast forward... wink


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Hey there, I use cog some, but I mostly just follow its development and play with it when a new release comes out

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iTunes keep away!! 100% cogger here big_smile

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I just realized that I hadn't posted to this thread!  I do 90% of my listening in Cog, and I think it's a terrific program that's getting even better with every release.  It reminds me a great deal of SoundApp, which was always my MP3 player of choice on OS 9.

These days, the only time I break out iTunes is for encoding, tagging, and CD burning.  Cog has also been a great replacement for the only other SHN player for OS X, MacAmp Lite.  Occasionally, if I'm listening to a bootleg in FLAC or SHN format that was recorded at the wrong speed, I'll boot up MacAmp Lite so that I can speed-correct it on the fly;  I look forward, when the Cog plug-in system is user-available in 0.09/0.10, to the day that I can do that in Cog instead!

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I want to start using cog as it would mean I could switch to FLACs which are more useful to me than ALACs. As a bit of an audiophile there are are two things I would like to see in cog.
1) Unity Gain
2) Bit transparency

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This program rocks!!! My face feels like it's gonna melt off!!!


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Cog user since I converted to the Mac, Feb 2007.

Freeing me from the artificial complexity of a media library is what makes me use Cog...  I organize my own files as I'm putting them into my Music folder, I don't need my hand held by iTunes. I also hate iTunes' interface.

I'd like to see a different interface for Cog myself though.  Something that has the player controls as miniaturized as possible, maybe make them tuck up underneath the menubar, with detachable playlists like winamp, and like Audion, the ability to have more than one playlist open at once.  Also, never fall into the trap of making a skinned only gui...  you probably won't, given this is Mac OS, and people don't usually want that type of feature, but if you do implement some sort of skinning, always remember to leave an option to use the native GUI.

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Hey Knacker.

Welcome aboard... In the 0.08 nightlies you have a miniplayer (accessed by clicking in the little button on the upper right corner).

There has been a discussion on skinnabilty, and it might come in a later version as far as I remember. At least the option of added custom icon sets. No matter what happens in that department, I think it is fairly certain, that a native look will be default.

I don't think I have heard of a request for multiple playlists, so maybe you should drop a line about it in the feature request section. It is a novel idea.



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Hello all, I am a new Cog user and haven't considered going back to iTunes since switching.  iTunes was my default player for quite a long time but I finally got caught up with all of the times it would bug up and lag, etc etc. WinAmp was the one thing I missed terribly from my PC days and Cog nearly blows WinAmp away with its simplicity.  I just wanted to stop by and say hi and thanks for all the hard work you've put into this wonderful player.  There are a few things that I would like to see in future versions but I'll find the correct spot for those!

edit: The support is supreme, too.

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I use Cog since last september.

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This is my first post. I am a cog user since the first release of cog. Back then, I didn't even know what .flac is but cog played it. Now 60% of my music collections are flac and other lossless. So there is just no way to use iTunes because it refuses to support any of the popular lossless formats except its own. Very glad to see cog supports so many lossless music formats. iTunes is just an eyecandy on my machine now. I actually prefer a library-based music player, but I feel itunes is just going the wrong direction. It only adds more eyecandy and grows bigger and slower. Right now, the best music player to me on all platforms is still foobar. I hope cog would be the equivalence (or better) of foobar on mac.

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Cog is great! I'm on OS X 10.4.7 on a macbook pro, and this just kills iTunes! Less is more, and simplicity is king!

I use Cog to output lossless audio to my external DAC, then to my tube headphone amp, then to my Grado SR325i's, and the whole thing sounds insane!

Thanks for leaving out the silly 'sound enhancer' and clippy EQ smile They sucked in iTunes!

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You want the truth? smile

You're amazing smile I was using iTunes for short time as I was (or still am wink) newbie to Mac. But COG smashed, hammered and whatever else did to iT. And COG plays every audio file format agains iT's three(?) tongue

Capitan, count me present on board! smile

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Welcome aboard... (and don't get discouraged, if I didn't like your coloured currently playing idea)

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N00b "Cogger" here! wink

Great player, nice forums! smile
(and I share LUNA's thoughts about Cog as a Mac Foobar equivalent!)

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i'm a cog user. props for the good work btw smile

was looking around for something not drm retarded for the mac and cog seemed to be both lightweight, supporting audioscrobbler and playing most of the formats i typically use (wav, mp3, ogg, flac), the drawer was instant love. and even better was discovering that i could actually play .it files (even if they dont get listed in the drawer yet).

for me its a perfect mac alternative to what i used on windows, foobar2000. only complaint i have is the damn lack of id3 tagging. i run a netlabel so i need to fix tags while listening to new tagless / wrongly tagged stuff very often, its very annoying having to run a 3rd party program and kill cog temporarily to change the data and then reload on cog, or even worse, having to transfer things to windows to prepare every release and then transfer back. other than that i'm a very happy cogger. smile

everyone i meet who also has mac always asks me whats that weird icon in my bar and they often start using cog over itunes themselfs almost instantly.

so keep up the good work, its appreciated! wink

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Cog user here. Since I switched to Mac, I was looking for a decent media player (iTunes wasn't one for me) for couple weeks, until I found Cog. And Cog's almost everything I've wanted.
Couple more features (Winamp like global hotkeys for jump, and some plugin for sysbarwhateverit'scalled to show song played/time) and it would be perfect.


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Cog ALL THE WAY! It has everything I need.

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Hi all!

I used other players before but now I found Cog. I am happy that it is still being worked on and it's not abandoned. It's the best player that you can find.

Really useful software smile:):)


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I've been using Cog for about one year.  Before I became a Mac person, I used Monkey's Audio .ape format under Windows XP to encode much of my music.  Cog allowed me to bring it all along.

Cog really is great!

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I've been a very occasional Cog user for about a year. Having just discovered its lovely support for .cue files, I will be using it much more in the future. Thank you for creating the program, and I hope you'll keep developing it for years to come.

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I am a Cog user and evangelist.

Strip it down, simplify!

Thank you so much!

To the above user (Zitz) - have you heard of RockBox for your ipod?

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I'm a Cog user.
By far the fastest, simplest, no-bs, playlist-based player for OS X. Especially for sound engineers who need quick access to a music file and create playlists on the go.
Cog ftw. big_smile