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I've been experiencing high memory usage too

Cog starts with about 23 megs mem usage
Double click on a song in playlist (with about 350 items): memory usage is 25 megs now
Another click: mem uage is 26
Another gets 27
and so on... every time i click i get about a meg of memory usage more. seems like some memory is not freed

after a 10 hours playing cog uses about 150 MB of ram



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using cog memory usage grows and grows.
After start it is only about 25 megs but after about 10 hours playing i get about 150 megs usage.

My playlist is currently about 350 songs.



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i'd like to report a bug about missing files in the playlist.
I've attached an USB drive and i've added about 1000 files. I've closed cog, removed the usb drive and and reopened cog.
Clicking on a missing file i get a enormous amount of grow notifications that hangs it for few minutes.

i think it's better to notify only if the file exist, avoiding crashes and freezes.

Thank you,