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I love trac


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I've got a Yonah and I'm on 10.5.
Major speed ups all across the board, I think it's a well worth upgrade for any x86 user.

I don't think CogX has anything to do with AppleTV

CogX is simple a music player.


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If Apple moved to AMD, I'd cream my pants or something.......
Mmmmmm Quad Socket Quad Core Barcelona mmmmmmmm


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I prefer the second image posted in this thread.

However, are the green, yellow, red window buttons a little too close to the playback buttons?


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I updated (I was a few revisions behind) and the program has the same amount of music in the playlist.
I haven't played a song yet and Cog is using 31.95mb of ram.


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If it means anything Cog is idled right now and it's using 73.78mb of ram. It's got 245 hours worth of mp3s in the playlist. It's been idle for two hours now though.

I have it set to auto update, the latest update I got was a flac update, I'll restart Cog to see if there is another update.


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I'm really really diggin' the release often philosophy.

It really makes my day when I see continuously improving software, especially software that tells me specifically what has been updated, made more efficient, and basically BETTER!

I love Cog, awesome program. I'll run it through some files and see if I can get it to cause "an issue".

I also second the notion of non-bolding the NOW PLAYING track. I would prefer some other type of indicator -- my reason is for pure aesthetic reasons.


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I love Cog.
I switched my entire library to flac once I saw the light.
I had been using iTunes before but was suffering. The application certainly was not lightweight in any means. I used to be a foobar2000 user (on Windows).
Cog is perfect for me + it plays all the lossless formats I could ever want big_smile


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Jeez that's an old test smile


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I just added 11 more flacs (1 cd) to Cogx.
rsize is now at 23.18mb. The files were on my usb external harddrive.

I will press next on the cog application. Ram goes up to 24.27mb.
Next on the application window -- ram is at 25.27.
Next again - ram is at 26.27.
I press next again, ram is at 27.27.

I pressed next a bunch of times until I got to the last track, ram usage is at 34.34mb.


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In the File Drawer I have it pointed to a 750gb USB2.0 external harddrive.
That has a folder called MP3s with about 250gb of music.
In the /MP3s folder there are folders created in the format of "Artist Name - Album Name"
I CTRL+A all folders in the file drawer and drag them to the window.
It takes a few minutes to read the ID3 tag information of all the files (I wish this were faster)
Then I play.
Shuffle randomness has little variation.
I use the nightly revisions that it downloads by itself.
I believe there are some 22,000 songs.

Let me know if I can give you further information.

Most all files are .mp3 however there are a few others such as .m4a.


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Under Activity Monitor under the RSIZE column, Cog says it is using 739mb
Is that normal?

Also, 3.60% of cpu power.

I have a Macbook Pro Core 1 Duo Feb 2006 2.16ghz 2gb ram machine.