nice post, yeah would be nice to find someone interested in keeping the project alive, though i never wrote in objective C, maybe someone can help out wink anyway i can't believe people on macs use only itunes. Cog is pretty much foobar2000 for mac and i hope development will go on. Donations might help in the future too wink


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smile i hope there will be some updates from time to time smile


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i've been using cog on my mac for as long as i can remember, great app smile hope it will be still developed smile


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I'll look into it later today, going to school in a few minutes wink
edit: sorry it will have to wait to friday, a lot of work tonight sad cheers


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cheers smile thanks for the reply, can't wait and good luck smile


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this would be awesome wink


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hey guys I have a similar issue with 0.08 r 916 nightly, but i tried the stable builds, same thing, when i'm playing a FLAC file, or APE compressed files the memory usage seems to jump heavily, loading a track is around 4 mb used memory and each few seconds the memory used increases about 1 MB, after rebooting the system i have 500 mb used, lauching cog and playing a flac flile a few times and an ape file ends up at 772 mb used o.o so that's almost 300 mb, weird because it doesn't seem to use any memory when i try a mp3 file - macbook pro 4 GB ram leopard 10.5.6 cheers~