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One thing I would kind of like to see on this is the ability to queue a song.  Sometimes I'll be in the mood to listen to a couple of songs and it would be nice if I could go through and select them instead of hoping that they'll come up next or waiting until each song finishes and selecting the next one. 

Just a suggestion.

By gaps in the middle I mean that I'll select a pile of songs (say the entire folder), some of the songs won't move there. 
And when I drag an entire folder over in one go, it only puts 1993 of my songs.  I found out that I can add more, but it's a bit of a pain to do. 

Thanks for the playlist info though.  smile

But I kinda noticed some things and I'm not sure if they're common problems or not, but it seems that I can only put a maximum of 1993 songs in a playlist and it randomly doesn't add some of the songs in the folder I drag into it (it doesn't just cut off songs at the end, there are gaps in the middle).  Is there a way to circumvent this?   

Due to this and partly due to the fact that sometimes when I'm in my office some non-office appropriate songs come on, I was also wondering if it's possible to make multiple playlists and save them so that I can have one playlist at work and another for home (or wherever).